2016 LDK Award Recipient Recognized - News Article

2016 LDK Award Recipient Recognized

Child Guidance & Family Solutions (CG&FS) is pleased to announce that this year’s Louis D. Kacalieff. M.D. (LDK) Award recipient is Cassandra (Cassi) Galloway, Clinical Manager at the Southwest Office in Barberton.

The LDK Award was established in 1986 in honor of Dr. Louis D. Kacalieff who led CG&FS as Executive Director for over 30 years and believed, “An institution is only as great as its staff: a staff that is dedicated, that performs with excellence and is creative in fostering the purpose and function of the institution.”

Dr. Kacalieff was a distinguished psychiatrist and cultivated creativity in his staff members by consistently encouraging their efforts and providing opportunities for them to fulfill. He passed away in 2000. The award recognizes a staff-person for “commitment to the advancement of child psychiatry through innovative thinking and a positive contribution to the goals of CG&FS.”

Cassi was chosen by the Agency’s Selection Committee consisting of the President, the Medical Director, a member of the agency’s Board of Trustees, and the previous year’s award winner(s).

Cassi’s accomplishments have been notable during her tenure with CG&FS. Several years ago, she developed specific goals for the growth of the clinical team, and the Agency’s participation in supporting the Barberton community. Since then, she has developed methods of improving staff performance and productivity, as well as formalizing orientation plans, and organizing her staff into teams specific to topics and needs of the Agency and clients. She piloted “open groups” to reach more clients and increase the capacity to serve more people, resulting in the office expanding its capacity, and adding new space to accommodate the growing numbers of clients.

Cassi has taken the initiative to make sure all CG&FS staff are contributing to the goals of CG&FS. She has encouraged several staff to broaden their reach into Barberton area schools, resulting in the development of full-time caseloads in the schools over the past year. Cassi is always eager to work with interns to help them develop as child psychiatry professionals. As Senior Clinical Consultant for Trauma, Cassi undertook a large project to help determine how “Trauma-Informed” the entire agency is, and compiled and distributed surveys in order to provide enhanced trauma education where it was needed.

Because of the innovation and passion possessed by employees like Cassi, CG&FS continues to be a top provider of mental healthcare for children, teenagers, and families in Summit County. We depend upon critical and creative thinking to continue establishing programs for the youth in our community which help prepare them for a successful future by achieving their fullest potential. CG&FS is proud to recognize employees like Cassi for all the work she has done to cultivate growth in our agency and extend the reach our work has on our community.