Bored or Busy: A Balanced Summer Break - News Article

Bored or Busy: A Balanced Summer Break

As we approach the end of the June you may begin to notice the routine your kids are falling into. Some teens may find that between two-a-days, work, and marching band practice they have no free time to sit back and relax – this can be both physically and mentally exhausting. On the other hand, there are kids who find themselves with too much free time, which can sometimes cause them to engage in risky behaviors like experimenting with drugs or alcohol.

There’s nothing wrong with having a busy schedule or being bored from time-to-time. However, there needs to be a balance between leisure and recreational activities in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

A combination of exercise and relaxation can improve their mood, self-esteem, relationships, sleep habits, cognitive functioning and overall quality of life. It’s also important to keep in mind that when parents or caregivers and their children are able to spend time together – relaxing or being active – the bond between the family will also improve.

Here are some safe, fun, and inexpensive ideas for the busy and the bored during summer vacation:

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelterOne of A Kind Pets is always looking for volunteers and this can be an activity for adults and their kids to do together.
  • Have a family game night with your favorite childhood board games.
  • On a rainy day, head to the movies or have a movie marathon at homeThe Highland Square Theatre always shows movies for $5!
  • Volunteer to babysit for a neighbor or someone else who could use your help – You can even take an online training course to make sure you know the basics!
  • Use a tarp and create giant a slip ‘n slide in your yard for you and your friends
  • Take a hike – we are so lucky to have the Summit Metro Parks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park right in our backyard!
  • Help you parents clean up the house - if you have nothing better to do then help out and tidy up; they'll be so grateful. 
  • Tie-Dye with your friends – pick up a kit at Walmart and some shirts and get creative! This can be messy, so do it outside in the sunshine.
  • Start a book club with your friends – Check out books from one of the many Akron-Summit County Public Library branches and have discussions with your friends.
  • Have a craft day – take a look online for dozens of ideas for fun, easy crafts.

Take a look at some of these ideas with your teen and use them to come up with some of your own. Together you can compile a list to fill your summer schedule with fun activities.