CG&FS Celebrates Community Health Improvement Week 2016 - News Article

CG&FS Celebrates Community Health Improvement Week 2016

Akron – The Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI) celebrates Community Health Improvement Week June 5 - 11, 2016. Child Guidance & Family Solutions (CG&FS) is proud to participate in this celebration based on the achievements we have made in providing mental, emotional, and behavioral healthcare for the children and families of Summit County.

Community health organizations like CG&FS work to provide access to preventive health services for all, deliver health education, connect people to resources, and help to ensure the health and safety of the environment in which people live, work, and learn. It complements medical care by striving to help people maintain and improve their health every day. Community Health Improvement Week is a national event which raises awareness and increases understanding of community health improvement activities, as well as the people and organizations that lead them.

CG&FS is the leader in Summit County for providing treatment and prevention services to children and teens facing mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges. Statistics show that 1 in 5 children suffer from some form of mental, emotional or behavioral illness, but what is even more alarming is that 80% of those children do not receive the help they are in need of. Through generous support from organizations throughout our community, we have the ability to never turn a child in need away. CG&FS is available to anyone in the community whether or not they have the ability to pay for our services, and what some Summit County families may not realize, is through the various programs administered at CG&FS, every child in the community is influenced by our programs in some way.

Even the youngest members in our community are impacted by the work at CG&FS. The Toddlers And Preschoolers Succeeding (TAPS) and the Incredible Years® (IY) programs both successfully ensure that children, families, teachers and caregivers are ready for the challenges that can come with new social situations for children. TAPS has been a successful model in reducing expulsion rates for preschoolers in Summit County by preparing preschool educators with the appropriate knowledge for working with children with behavioral problems. IY works with parents and their children in order to teach children how to understand feelings, problem-solve, and be friendly while parents learn how to handle problematic behaviors. IY is also available throughout Summit County to teachers in their classrooms to help with challenging situations. Early Childhood programs like TAPS and IY impact over 3000 children in more than 50 pre-schools throughout Summit County. CG&FS Early Childhood programs are funded through a variety of sources including United Way of Summit County, Barberton Community Foundation, Akron Community Foundation, GAR, PNC Foundation, and Summit County ADM Board.

Through the Typical or Troubled?® program, CG&FS has been able to assist school staff in learning how to recognize different types of behaviors in students. Typical or Troubled?® is a grant funded program that was introduced by the American Psychiatric Foundation (APF) in response to the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. CG&FS is able to administer this program in surrounding schools in order to educate teachers, counselors, and other faculty members who interact with students how to identify if teenage behavior is typical or if warning signs of a mental health issue are present. With funding support from Summit County ADM Board, to date, the Typical or Troubled?® program has been successfully administered in schools whose combined enrollment exceeds more than 560,000 students.

CG&FS offers school-based services to more than 60 public schools throughout Summit County with support from experienced Therapists and Therapeutic Case Managers who are available in the schools on a full-time or a part-time basis. We serve as mental health consultants to provide crisis intervention to students who may be dealing with a mental health or a substance use concern. We assist school administrators and educational staff in understanding the role that mental health has on academic achievement and behavioral functioning. The mental health staff based in schools also incorporate the family into their services to ensure we are working from a holistic perspective.

The impact of these services has was recently recognized by the Hudson City School District who selected Stephanie Collins, a CG&FS school-based therapist, to receive a C.A.R.E (Chemical Abuse Reduced by Education) Award. Collins was selected due to her positivity, professionalism and willingness to accept the most challenging assignments and assist with the most complex student situations. Her tireless work ethic was also noted for making a difference in the lives of students by providing the support and resources necessary for them to learn and grow.

Each year CG&FS sees over 5,000 adolescents and their families in our facilities, but with the ability to provide our programs and services throughout the community, we are reaching considerably more children and making strides to achieve our vision: a vibrant community of healthy individuals who are achieving their fullest potential.

Child Guidance & Family Solutions is observing Community Health Improvement week to celebrate all of the children and families we have been able to help throughout Summit County, as well as all of the passionate staff members that have made a difference in the lives of children for the past 77 years. CG&FS will continue enriching the community by ensuring that all children have the resources to succeed in school, in their family and peer relationships, throughout their adulthood and in their careers by achieving emotional, behavioral and mental health success. There is no health without mental health, and by providing the necessary mental healthcare for younger generations in our community, they will be contributors to the strength of our community as adults.

For more information on the programs offered at Child Guidance & Family Solutions please visit or contact the Development office at 330-384-2882 or email

Child Guidance & Family Solutions touches the lives of thousands of kids in our region each year in its five clinical locations, on-site in eight area school systems, in medical facilities and area community sites, and in more over 30 pre-schools throughout Summit County. As a medical specialty practice, CG&FS provides mental and behavioral healthcare for children, adolescents and their families. Children who have witnessed violence, suffered abuse, been bullied or are facing challenges to growing up healthy in mind and body are helped by the professionals at CG&FS – child psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral therapists, counselors and case managers. CG&FS works closely with doctors, hospitals, school districts and the County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (ADM Board) to provide a safety net of services for children. For more information, visit