Child Mind Institute Offers Resources for Parents Raising Pre-Teens - News Article

Child Mind Institute Offers Resources for Parents Raising Pre-Teens

Pre-teen years can be just as stressful as teenage years. Kids between the ages of 8-12 begin experiencing major changes both mentally and physically. With developing bodies, increasing self-awareness and becoming more independent, it can make communication between parents and their children a little rocky. Supporting tweens during this stage in their development is important, but knowing the proper ways to successfully communicate with them isn’t always easy.

Child Mind Institute provides credible and readily available resources for parents who are raising pre-teens and children at any stage in their development. Tips for parenting pre-teens encourages parents to stay connected with their children even when they feel as if they’re being pushed away, and articles about social anxiety and OCD (two disorders commonly diagnosed at this age), and building self-esteem provide information on how to boost children’s confidence based on their capabilities and not on the opinions of others. Even some of the tricky topics, like when to buy your child a phone or when and how you should talk to them about sex, are included.

Each stage of development comes with its own set of difficulties and uncertainties. The resources on Child Mind Institute are

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