Construction at Central Office - News Article

Construction at Central Office

Construction at Central Office

As our new neighbors at Stark State College continue making progress on their campus, there are a few changes you need to know about when accessing our Central Office parking lot in Akron.

Phase 1:
February 12th: the intersection at Union St. and Park St. will close PERMANENTLY – the only point of access to the parking lot will be at N. Forge St. & Park St.

Phase 2:
March 1st: Park St. will close for 4-6 weeks. A temporary driveway will be set up on E. Market St. allowing access to our existing parking lot. We will use the temporary driveway for approximately 4-6 weeks while the majority of (what was) Park St. is turned into our new parking lot which will be accessible directly from N. Forge St.

For a visual of the changes that will take place, please click here.

Thank you for your cooperation as these changes are underway.