Secret Social Media Use - News Article

Secret Social Media Use

A recent article from the New York Times discussed a new trend amongst young social media users: Closed, Fake, and Private accounts.

These closed groups or “fake” accounts are used for teens to express things they may not want to share with the public. In the NYT article, one girl discussed her Rinsta (Real Instagram) and her Finsta (Fake Instagram). She keeps her Rinsta more “family-friendly,” but uses the fake Instagram account to share her, “inner-most thoughts” with her closest friends.

Many teens today rely on the instantaneous positive feedback that social media provides. This can influence poor decision making when choosing the content to share with followers. For many adolescents, it’s “all about the likes” when it comes to social media use.

As parents and caregivers, it’s important to remind adolescents and teens that just because they may think they are sharing to a private group or select audience, nothing on the internet is ever truly private. The content that they post now can negatively affect them in the future when they are applying to colleges, looking for jobs, etc.

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