The Physical Side of Mental Health - News Article

The Physical Side of Mental Health

"...Human beings are not divided into two different organisms: a physical one and an emotional one. Mind and body are a single construct with two-way communication, and what happens in the body below the head can — and often does — affect the brain and vice versa."

In a recent article from the New York Times, author Jane E. Brody touches on the relationship between physical and mental health. It's completely normal for someone to feel anxiety or depression after receiving a shocking diagnosis. But can the reverse occur? Brody's research says yes.

For example, a patient might go to the ER because they are experiencing chest pain or rapid heartbeat but in reality, they have a panic disorder. A study from 1996 which Brody sites in her article supports this statement with this example: "...a quarter of 441 patients who came to the emergency room because of chest pain were in fact suffering from panic disorder, not a heart ailment."

In some cases, medical doctors are not capable or confident enough to treat emotional problems that patients are experiencing. Child Guidance & Family Solutions (CG&FS) is working to eliminate this issue with a Healthcare Integration initiative. CG&FS has partnered with local physicians' locations to place counselors in their offices to ensure children are able to receiving mental health care immediately. Not only does this make things more convenient for the child and/or their family, but it also reduces the risk of a mental (or physical) issue being overlooked. Without mental health there is no health, and vice versa. Mind and body must both be well to support a healthy, successful life.

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