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The foundation for sound mental health is built early in life as a child begins to develop socially and emotionally. CG&FS Early Childhood services and programs address developmental needs of young children before birth through 8 years. By working closely with childcare providers, teachers and doctors we provide the best possible care for your child and family whenever and wherever you may need it.

The foundation for sound mental health is built early in life, as early experiences—which include children’s relationships with parents, caregivers, relatives, teachers, and peers—shape the developing brain.

CG&FS can help prepare your child to meet the challenges before them.

Growing up is hard. The pressure to be liked, do well in school, and make big decisions increases as you pass from childhood into adolescence and into the teen years.

Coping with these challenges can’t be avoided, but you don’t have to do it alone.

As we take on more responsibility, life offers a different set of challenges. This can be exciting, inspiring and rewarding; it can also result in feeling anxious, overwhelmed and disappointed.

CG&FS can provide the support needed to enable this life transition to occur in a positive way.

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