Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care

Your Treatment Plan

For some treatment programs, CG&FS will provide you with a Community Psychiatric Services Treatment (CPST) team to coordinate your services and provide the support you need to live successfully in the community while meeting your goals. Beginning with an assessment to identify areas of need, personal resources, strengths and goals, a treatment plan is developed by you and your team.

Your CG&FS team provides assistance at every step through your treatment plan, from helping you complete paperwork to guaranteeing you get to appointments.

Children’s case management is a similar service that works with parents and caregivers to support healthy growth and development for children.

We will also assist you and your family in connecting to care both within CG&FS, and at other community agencies. If needed, CG&FS will serve as your child's advocate with other agencies and your child's school to ensure that your child is receiving the care they need wherever and whenever they may need it.