Akron Community Foundation Education Fund Grants $80,000 to Child Guidance & Family Solutions for TAPS


CGFS was recently awarded $80,000 by the Akron Community Foundation Education Fund to support its Toddlers and Preschoolers Succeeding (TAPS) Program. CGFS’ mission is to provide innovative and effective mental health services, integrated care of mind and body through strategic partnerships, sustainable programs that enrich communities, and advocacy of the health of youth, adults, and families. “Child Guidance & Family Solutions is thankful for the tremendous support of Akron Community Foundation,” said Karen Talbott, President & CEO of CGFS. “Their continued support of the TAPS program will impact kindergarten readiness by preventing expulsion of preschool students from childcare centers.” This grant will allow CGFS to teach invaluable skills to childcare teachers and administrators — positively impacting the lives of 3,000 children of Greater Akron. CGFS strives to create a vibrant community of healthy individuals and families who can achieve their fullest potential. Child Guidance & Family Solutions’ mission is achieved through the many services and programs provided to the community. Grants from organizations like ACF will continue to make meaningful impacts on Akron as we continue serving more than 8,000 individuals every year.