Toddlers and Preschoolers Succeeding (TAPS Program)

David, a 4-year-old, was unable to focus in class at his preschool. He had a short attention span, did not follow directions, was unable to sit still and could not identify, spell or write his name. His background included parental drug use, housing instability and neglect, being cared for by his older siblings aged 7 and 10 and nearly a year in foster care. 

The TAPS consultant worked with David on self-regulation and calming skills such as belly breathing and using visuals to identify his emotions. The classroom teacher learned to take time to connect with David, accept his fidgeting and be more patient with him. His caregiver, a grandparent with no job and few supports, was coached to provide a routine for him. David and his siblings were connected to a pediatrician and other community supports. As a result, David now pays more attention in class, can follow directions and is learning academics. He is better prepared for kindergarten as a result of these TAPS interventions. 


“I started counseling when I was removed from my home and placed in a foster home. I was sad and angry at the world! I didn’t want to deal with my feelings or talk to anyone, but they forced me to come to counseling every single week. Finally, I realized that my counselor was actually making me talk about my feelings in a really cool way, and I felt safe. Once I started to trust my counselor, I was able to open up and tell them about my trauma and stress, and it helped me feel better!”

Home-Based Services

“Before coming into intensive home–based services, I had been in residential treatment for my behavior and I didn’t want to be alive anymore; I was having suicidal thoughts. Throughout my time in IHBT, I learned how to deal with my feelings, and interact with my parents, without getting in a screaming match and wanting to hurt myself. Now I don’t even have to be in counseling anymore, and I can go back to school every day with my friends, using the skills I learned in counseling. It was cool that my counselor could come see me at home and at school to teach me these skills.”


“I have been with my counselor for 4 years and initially came to CG&FS after experiencing a traumatic loss; the unexpected death of my mother. I did not know how to handle my emotions; I was angry, depressed, anxious and grieving. Throughout counseling, I have processed my grief and learned coping skills to manage my emotions. I am now able to celebrate my mom’s life, and when I am having a difficult time, I focus on the positive memories and allow myself to grieve in a healthy manner.”

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