Children and teens facing emotional, behavioral and social difficulties sometimes need help beyond what parents can provide or a school’s staff is equipped to handle. CG&FS is a trusted partner with area schools, providing mental health support services on site at the school. 

Therapists and therapeutic behavior support specialists provide counseling, case management and crisis intervention services for students. They also consult with the educational team on behavioral interventions. Our school-based staff is also available to attend meetings/parent conferences. 

We Can Assist With

  • Improving a student’s ability to cope with the stresses of school
  • Helping school staff understand and navigate mental health concerns in the classroom
  • Creating plans to help students stay in school and avoid truancy and expulsion

We Can Support Schools With

  • Offering support in meetings with school staff, parents and students
  • Providing school-based prevention services
  • Intervening in crisis situations
  • Delivering professional development training for staff, such as helping schools become more trauma-informed

School-Based Prevention Services

  • Triple P - Parent/guardian parenting education for ages 0-12 and 13-18
  • Botvin LifeSkills - Substance use prevention education for grades 6-12
    • Can meet the needs of Ohio House Bill 123
  • Sources of Strength - Suicide prevention for K-12 
    • Coaching support for Elementary School level 
    • Adult Advisor and Peer Leader training for grades 6-12 that meet the needs of Ohio House Bill 123   
  • Too Good for Violence and Too Good for Drugs - Violence and/or Substance Use prevention for grades K-12

For additional information about our School-Based Services, email us at

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