Child Guidance & Family Solutions Position Statement and Action Plan on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Child Guidance & Family Solutions (CGFS) subscribes to and firmly believes in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only as a cultural principle but also as a guiding operational North Star.

One significant component is to recognize and declare that systemic racism is a public health crisis. This crisis includes the impact of inferior opportunities in areas such as housing, education, employment and health care. It is not enough to recognize this but also to actively participate in creating opportunities for improvement and ultimate equality for all.

We have chosen to actively and specifically pursue opportunities in the specific areas of education and employment. This is because there is a significant need for more minority and diverse professionals in the behavioral health delivery system. By focusing on this area, CGFS intends to educate minority children and adolescents as the benefits of this professional field in order to spark interest; to offer mentorships and internships in cultivating that interest; to award scholarships to those who wish to follow this career path; and to provide employment opportunities in a culturally inclusive environment.

This high priority plan has a two-fold positive result. One is to have more minorities and diverse individuals who are highly educated and gainfully employed in this profession. The other is to better afford minority and diverse clients the opportunity to see treatment from these individuals more prominently available in the clinical setting when desired.

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