Meet Annie, ICT and IHBT Therapist


Annie provides home-based counseling for children and adolescents with more intensive needs as both an Integrated Co-Occurring Treatment (ICT) therapist and an Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IHBT) therapist for CGFS. She supports her clients by working with children and their family members, their schools, and other relevant organizations to provide and coordinate complete wrap-around services. Says Annie, "The best part about working with my clients is meeting so many incredible people and walking with them through their mental health journeys. Our clients often come to us in challenging times, and it is such an honor and privilege to be invited into their lives and homes to help them during these trials."

Annie, who joined CGFS as an intern in 2022 and later became a full-time employee, understands the importance of self-care for therapists. She actively practices self-care, recognizing that protecting herself from the common stressors in the mental health field is essential. On the weekends, Annie prioritizes planning fun activities with her husband, friends, or family. She also enjoys baking, cooking, reading, drinking tea, seeing shows at Playhouse Square, playing video games, spending time with her dog, and trying new creative or fun activities. "I like to stay busy," says Annie. "I am always looking for my next big project."

Thank you, Annie! We appreciate you and all our mental health professionals who dedicate themselves to providing our clients with care, empathy, and guidance. Our team members' work is nothing short of transformative, and their commitment to healing is a beacon of hope for the individuals and families we serve.

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